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Student of the Month – Rumson

“I’m so proud of Jude for working so hard to practice his /r/ sound at home and in speech. He is so eager to reach his goals and it shows. His motivation does not go unnoticed! Jude is a one-of-a-kind student, and I am so happy to be working with him to achieve his goals!”

-Ms. Lorena

Student of the Month – Rumson

“I am so incredibly proud of how hard Jude works at speech every day! Jude comes to speech with an intrinsic motivation for success. He had come so far and impresses me each day! Great work Jude, keep up the great work!” — Ms. Alex

Student of the Month – Hazlet

“Callan is one happy, hardworking guy! He comes into speech every day with a smile on his face. He loves playing with trains, cars and being silly during his sessions. He has excellent attendance and truly deserves to be the January student of the month!” – Dr. Bern

November Student of the Month – Rumson

We are so proud of Chase and all of his accomplishments he’s made here at Speech Start! It has been a pleasure to watch him grow and blossom into the chatterbox that he is today! Congratulations Chase on being November’s student of the month!

November Student of the Month – Hazlet

Congratulations to Charlie, our November student of the month!! Charlie works so hard and has made such tremendous progress with all his speech goals! He is the sweet spot in our week – his smile and laugh are contagious! Keep up the amazing work Charlie!