Group Activities: Hamburger Cookies!

hamburger cookie snack


During this group session we made hamburger .. cookies! This is sweet treat that is easy to make at home.

Ingredients: vanilla wafers, chocolate covered cookie, coconut flakes, green food coloring, red and yellow frosting.


  1. put coconut flakes in a plastic bag with a few drops of green food coloring. Shake together until all the coconut flakes are green (this is going to be the lettuce for your burger).
  2. Put a small amount of frosting on the flat side of a wafer cookie and place the chocolate covered cookie on top.
  3. Smear one side of the chocolate covered cookie with yellow frosting and the other side with red frosting (ketchup and mustard).
  4. Sprinkle the green coconut flakes on top of the frosting.
  5. Finally, place another wafer cookie of the top to complete your hamburger!

The kids loved these mini burger cookies, we hope yours do too!