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May Student of the Month – Rumson

Greg is our Rumson Student of the Month! Greg is new to Speech Start and has been doing amazing work with Ms. Shay and Ms. Bern. He loves to play with all our toys and listen to music with Ms. Bern! Greg is an awesome speechie!!

May Student of the Month – Hazlet

Logan has been with Speech Start ever since he was small! Logan is our Hazlet Student of the Month because of how hard he has been working online with our therapists. Although this change may be difficult, Logan is still doing amazing work!

April Student of the Month – Noah

Noah has been one amazing speechie!! Since changing over to telepractice, Noah has been working so hard with Ms. Bern on his speech sounds. He is such a good worker and loves to have fun with Ms. Bern. We are so proud of you Noah!!

April Student of the Month – Stella

Stella is a star speech student! She works hard in all of her speech therapy sessions. She is making tons of progress with her language-literacy skills. Congrats on Student of the Month, Stella!

Students of April!

Let’s congratulate Stella and Noah on being our STUDENTS OF THE MONTH!