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How Speech Start Works

Speech start therapists create individual and group programs for each of our clients, from therapies for speech, ASD, language and voice disorders, or social skills.  We provide academic tutoring support as well as behavioral feeding, sensory integration and addressing fluency disorders. For more about our individual classes, read here. Ready to sign up? Start below.

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Telehealth at Speech Start

Our Telehealth practice isn’t that different than in-person therapies, except you are in your own space! All Telehealth clients and their parents are greeted by their therapist and work together to identify or address client needs. We work with you to set up the best learning environment for your child, and depending on the age or needs, parents can attend Telehealth sessions alongside their child so they both learn valuable skills, cues and at-home strategies from their therapist.

All opportunities and therapies are available regardless of in person or Telehealth! Parents tell us Telehealth is a valuable resource and their children are experiencing success with their therapies. Curious? Try Telehealth with Speech Start!

We Participate in the Following Insurance Plans

Aetna Whole Health NJ-Choice POSII Multi-Tier
Aetna Whole Health NJ-Aetna Select Multi-Tier
Aetna Standard Plans
Aetna Open Access Plans
Aetna Health Fund Plans
Aetna Premier Care Network-2021Plan Providers
Aetna Premier Care Network Plus-2021 Plan Providers
Aetna Premier Care Network Plus (ACPN Plus)-Open Access Aetna Select
Aetna Premier Care Network Plus-2020 Plan Providers
Savings Plus Plans
Aetna with Innovation Health
National Advantage Program (NAP)

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Advantage EPO
Advantage EPO HSA NJPA
Advantage EPO NJPA
CWA Unity Direct
Direct Access
NJ Direct
Omnia NJ
Patient-Centered ADV EPO

UHC NJ – all commercial plans