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Speech Start Student and Teacher

Our therapists develop and tailor programs that meet the developmental requirements of children with special needs and those of their typical peers. We work to provide therapies and services for apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorder, language disorders, voice disorders, articulation and phonological processes, and social skills. Our therapists and clinicians can provide services related to academic tutoring (Language Arts pre-K – 12, Mathematics through grade 8), behavioral feeding, contributing to sensory integration and fluency disorders.

Speech Start offers:

Individual Speech / Language / Feeding Therapy

Speech Start’s staff of highly qualified speech-language pathologists develop and personalize programs that meet the functional and developmental needs of children and adolescents who are special learners…

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Group Therapy

Speech Start provides group therapy for children and adolescents with social skills challenges based upon age and skill level. Group therapy focuses on improving social interactions including greetings, turn taking, commenting, asking and responding to questions, understanding emotions…

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SiLAS Social Skills Group

Speech Start offers technology-based social skills groups for tech-savvy children and adolescents with social skills challenges. The group focuses on improving social interactions with others through the use of engaging activities and the socially interactive learning avatar software, SiLAS…

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AAC Social Skills Group

Speech Start is currently offering an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) social skills group for nonverbal or speech/language/cognitively impaired children and adolescents. The group also focuses on improving social interactions through the use of engaging activities…

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Individual Occupational Therapy

Speech Start is currently offering Individual Occupational Therapy that works with your child to achieve optimal function and independence with everyday tasks and activities…

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Academic Tutoring

Speech Start’s highly qualified team of teachers and special educators provide tutoring in all academic subjects from grades k-12. Speech Start can provide literacy, language arts, science, history, and mathematics tutoring for both typical learners and children and adolescents who have speech or language-impairments…

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Summer Social Skills Camp

Speech Start Summer camps run for approximately 7 weeks during the months of July and August. Interactive and engaging camp activities and community-based trips focus on strengthening academic and social skills based upon age and individual skill level…

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Summer Literacy Camp

Speech Start is excited to announce that they will be offering a literacy camp for children and adolescents during the summer of 2016. Literacy camp will be tailored to the age, grade, and skill level of the children and adolescents enrolled…

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Preschool Screeners

Speech Start provides speech, language and hearing screeners at local preschools. Screener findings can determine if a child is displaying developmentally appropriate speech, language and/or hearing…

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When my son was first diagnosed, the staff at Speech Start was most helpful and supportive. They helped us understand what the diagnosis meant, what could be done to address my son’s needs, and how to move forward.
– Serenella