Fall Fun!

Happy Fall! This time of year gives many opportunities to build your child’s speech and language skills. From the change in weather to the change in colors and all the activities, there is lots of fun to be had. We have compiled some fall themed activities for you to try with you child. These activities are also great for a group or class.

Apple/Pumpkin Picking

Visits to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch are fun opportunities to increase a child’s speech and language.  A child can describe the apples or pumpkins focusing on color, shape, texture, and smell. After the trip baking with apples and carving pumpkins are a great way to work on direction following, sequencing, and answering questions.  Have fun!


Leaves change color and texture in the fall. Take a walk outside and collect some leaves. The leaves can be used for an art project, matching, describing, and identifying colors.


Painting pumpkins is fun for younger children if they are not ready for carving.  With older children you can carve the pumpkins. Painting with leaves and cut up apples is a fun alternative to paintbrushes.


Hayrides are fun for everyone! It’s a fun activity for families and class trips. Many times there are other activities at the facility and it can lead to a day of fun. Be sure to use the outing as an opportunity for conversation!